Privacy Policy

1. Covid-19 Classroom Guidelines

COVID19 Test: all in-person-class students are highly suggested/encouraged to conduct a Covid-19 test to ensure to be negative at least 1 week before class starts

Social Distancing: Each class will have limited seatings with CDC suggested distance between seatings. We will utilize the largest amount of space to keep every student in a safe distance.

Face Coverings: All students for in-person classes will be required to wear face coverings at all time and keep 6 feet away from each other. Our teachers and staff will not only wear masks but also face shields for extra safety and protection. Students without appropriate face coverings will not be allowed to get into class.

Vaccination: If you have been vaccinated, please show your vaccination card for proof.

Hand washing and temperature taken: All students and staff are required to have their temperature taken before coming into classroom. If his/her temperature is higher than normal range, the person would be sent home for the day for further medical observation. Everyone coming into classroom will need to wash or sanitize their hands thoroughly before sitting in.

Drop-in: Parents shall only drop off their child(ren) at the elevator and must wear face coverings. Parents will not be allowed to stay or wait in our studio during class period and our waiting room will be closed until further notification from the state and local government. Please do not drop off your child more than 5 minutes before your assigned class time.

Pick-up: Students shall be picked up from the side door of the building, where the staircase is located at. Students will be walking down from the stairwell one by one, 6-feet apart, with the escort of classroom teacher.

2. Seating Reservation

Seating reservation: a $40/student non-refundable deposit is required for reserving
a seating. The deposit will be deducted from regular tuition payment.