Saturday In-person Art Programs

Basic Class                                                              01:00PM – 02:00PM

Intermediate Class                                               02:00PM – 03:00PM

Advanced Class                                                    03:00PM – 04:00PM

Tuition: $200/Semester

Sunday In-person Art Program

Basic Class (1)                                                       01:00PM – 02:00PM
Basic Class (2)                                                       05:00PM – 06:00PM

Intermediate Class                                              02:00PM – 03:00PM

Advanced Class                                                   03:00PM – 04:00PM

Tuition: $200/Semester

Side Project (Pro)
Class time is set between 1.5hrs – 2hrs in regular Saturday and Sunday
class hours (2hrs are recommended). It is flexible to fit to your schedule.

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