Mr Gao’s Studio is a multi-disciplined art studio with its main office in Boston, MA. Our mission is committed to provide various quality and affordable art programs and activities to the community.

Mr Gao’s Studio is found by Rod Gao, who is a passionate entrepreneur and savvy artist. Big dream always starts from small steps. Mr. Gao has been a dedicated art educator in both Boston and Malden communities for years before he started this venture. He has taught hundreds of students from different age groups and successfully helped a non-profit organization in Boston develop its art program, from 8 students to over 60 members. His students have gained various Art awards throughout the years. However, he did not stop there. He wanted to make a bigger difference with art for the community.

Mr Gao believes that art is really a unique way to develop and fine-tune a person’s personality as well as to inspire people. As Einstein stated, “creativity is more important than knowledge.” And art is one of the most effective ways to foster a person’s creativity, specifically for children. In addition, art is also a special kind of language that can be universally understood by human beings. Think about a 6 years old boy describes an idea to his parents by quickly creating a drawing with different colors. How awesome is that? A kid’s idea is expressed by visual elements.

Sentimentally, life is not always perfect. With all these years’ experience and observation, Mr Gao has seen a lot of gifted students walk away from art because of family financial issues. One of his students, Emily, for example, quitted art class because her parents could not afford the tuition. Instead, Emily had to stay at his dad’s restaurant. By passing her time, Emily apparently chose drawing as her favorite way to occupy herself. As a result, she created a lot drawings, which were hung on the wall next to the restaurant’s counter. And her drawings were so good that some of the customers were willing to buy her works as a kind appreciation. Sadly to say, Emily is not alone.

With these reasons, Mr Gao’s studio was born. Its goal is to cultivate more talented kids in art or even in a broader range of subjects with creative thinking.

We believe each piece of art works reflects a piece of beautiful mind. We want to share this with more people.

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