Basic Class 

This class is for art beginners, who are usually in the age ranging from 4-6 years old without previous art experience.

The class is set in two (2) terms, 5 months per term. In the first term, students will be learning basic shapes (circle, triangle and square), basic compositions, multi-shape and
arc application and creative drawing. And the second term will be more focusing on colors, including the basic colors, warm & cold colors, contrast colors, color mixing and application. Both terms will have craft/origami classes for hands-on activities.

Teaching Goal: students should grasp the basic knowledge of drawing and coloring and are able to draw simple cartoon characters and animals.

Tools: Pencils, Sketch pad, Crayon/Color pencils, Eraser and Sharpener.

Intermediate Class

This is the next grade from our basic class. It is suited for students who have basic knowledge of drawing. The purpose of the class is to disciple students thinking from 2D to 3D concepts in order to pave the foundation for Advanced Class. Like Basic Class, our intermediate class also has two (2) terms. In the first term, students will be learning how to use more complicated shapes and curves to compose their drawings, how to apply ovals and polygons as well as the basic concept of shadow and shading. And in the second term, the class will be majorly focusing on colors. Students will be introduced to more complicated color concepts and tones during the semester processing.

Teaching Goal: students can be able to independently finish drawings with basic 3-dimentional concept and different color combination and tones. Guide lines and shadow should also be applied in process.

Tools: Pencils, Sketch pad, Crayon/Color pencils, Eraser and Sharpener.

Advanced Class

This class is for students who have a good drawing foundation and want to do better. It is designed to train students with 3-dimentional concept and the capability of accurate sketching. It is also divided into two (2) terms. The first one is for sketching. Allows students to better understand and apply the theory of composition, perspective, tone and the relationship between light and shadow. For the second semester, students will be exposed to the study of water-coloring. Through lecturing and extensive practice, students will be able to gain the basic water-coloring techniques.

Teaching Goal: good understanding on the theories of perspective and color as well as observation methods.

Tools: Pencils, Sketch pad, water-color paper, water colors (in tubes), brushes and eraser.

(Flexible time within normal studio operation hours)
This program is designed for students who already pass advanced class but still want to pursuit art. This program has a longer class period, usually 1.5hrs – 2hrs. Teacher will set up a schedule according to student’s needs. While sketch is the required subject, students can select watercolor, oil painting or design. The class includes geometry study, still life, statues, en plein air and so on. Teacher will help students develop their own Art Portfolio for college admission upon request.

All the classes are instructed by our professional teachers. Please contact us for more questions or check out our enrollment for details. We are ready to help! Come join us and have great fun with art!

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