wonderful summer art class
Is everybody starting to pack up your backpack for the new semester to come? Or are you still trying to get on your last summer trip for the Labor day weekend? Or are you already at school? Yes, truth to be told, summer is slipping away…but leaving us great memory and fruitful achievement.

Our summer program was officially ended last Sunday (08/30). Nooo… I know, right? Time really flies. But our students have done a great job and of course had great fun! From indoor classes, outdoor painting to our annual exhibition show, it is just such a busy but exciting summer. It is so grateful that we spent a wonderful summer together. Can’t wait to share the photos with you!

Wait, our first day of class for Fall 2015 will start on the Sunday of Sept 13. We will see you all then. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Love!

Wonderful Summer 2015

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